Trust up on Fan Faves at Indieheaven.com

I have put my best song up at Indieheaven.com on their Fan Faves charts. Check out the radio version of the title track of the CD Trust and vote for the song. You just click the banner below, go to Fan Faves and find TRUST. You will have to scroll down a ways as it has just been added to the charts. You can vote once a day and that is all. It is sort of like voting at American Idol.

Click the banner, go to Fan Faves and give 5 Stars for TRUST!

IH is dedicated to exposing quality unsigned (Indie) Christian artists. It is a great time to be an indie artist. But exposure always depends on a fan base. So, click over and vote for Trust! And check out some other artists while you are there. Three of my favorites are Mile7, Charis and the Dustin Burke Band.





all mp3 downloadable songs priced: $1.00
current release TRUST $15.00 (order online or via snail mail)