You Can Call On Him

I have put up a song at Indieheaven.com on FanFaves. It is called You Can Call on Him. It is a song of encouragmentwherever you are in life. I remember Larry Norman once said, "No one has such a great life that they do not need God." I based this song on his words. Here are mine:

You Can Call on Him
Verse 1:
Some people have all the luck or so it seems
Get anything they want, any desire they dream.
Others seem to fight and scratch just to survive
Do anything it takes to keep themselves alive.

But you can call on Him, no matter where you’ve been
You can call on Him, call no matter where you’ve been
You can call on Him.

Verse 2:
Some people never know the touch of mother’s hand
Never know her loving smile or the joy it sends
Now, some people live a life we can only dream of
Still there is an emptiness
That can only be filled with His love


song: You Can Call on Him

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