An Amazing Mission Trip to Honduras!

Wow! What an amazing trip the team of 18 journeyed on two weeks ago. I signed up in August to go along on a mission trip to Honduras with Forest Park Community Church, (my home church) located in Louisville, KY. After many meetings and fund raisers, we set out on February 18, 2012. Most of us journeyed with American Airlines through Miami, Florida. Three of our team members were to take a different flight with Continental via Houston, Texas. Our flight was uneventful.... except for the AMAZING landing in Tegucigalpa. We met Terry Dupont, founder of Open Eyes Ministries of Central America. We hoped on a renuvated old school bus and traveled about and hour and a half to our home for a week in Comayagua.

The next day, Sunday, we had two services at two different churches. Usually, someone from our team will give a testimony followed by some singing by yours truly and a couple of other folks from our team, then we have someone from our team preach. Always following the sermon is an intense time of the call to repent and surrender to Christ. Many people came to know the Lord at these times. This was then followed by a time of healing where we would ask anyone wanting prayer to come down and we would lay hands on them and ask the Father of Glory to meet them where they were.

Our team originally set out to be a medical mission trip, but because we had no doctors and only one nurse sign up to go, Open Eyes changed our week to that of Evangelism. So, everyday, our team would go to a certain area of Comayagua and work with a church for that day. (This is the same Comayagua where the prison fire was just days prior to our trip.) Our North American team would split up into three, four or five groups each hooking up with a translator that works for Open Eyes. We would then go to an area near the 'church of the day' and meet up with the leadership of that church. We would then start walking the streets knocking on doors. Each group would have a translator, a leader of the church and our team members going door to door sharing our story of how Christ intercepted our lives....and how he wants to do the same for them.

Almost no one was ever turned away by the wonderfully hospitable Honduras people. By the end of the week, from the door-to-door exploits, the school meetings, and all the church meetings we know of at least 175 people who asked Christ to be their Lord and Savior. With churches who would be there to help these new believers began to grow in their walk with Christ! It is just a wonderful experience partnering with Open Eyes Ministries because we know these new brothers and sisters in Christ will be mentored and discipled. ALL praise belongs to Jesus.

I have been so encourage to share my own story as a result of this trip. I would also like to encourage you (whoever you are reading this little blog) to tell your story. Just tell others how Jesus changed your life. INVITE them to embrace the Truth of the gospel that He wants a relationship with them. Why God desires that relationship so much that He would send Christ to pay for our sins is beyond my understanding......BUT HE DID! Just share your story…with your neighbor, your grocer, your doctors and most of all with your family. 175 people decided to Trust their souls to their Creator that week in Honduras. Awesome!


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