Home Again...Old and New Music, too.

The end of Summer is upon us.....2009 is flying right along. I got home, August 10, last Monday night ending a nice little Summer tour. I had a blast sharing the music from the Trust CD and also visited some older songs, some I recorded with the 'Strange and Wonderful' project and others I never recorded. This week I put the songs from the ' Strange and Wonderful ' project up on my indieheaven page. Go check them out.

Thanks for praying for me while I was on the road. I had some really wonderful times, meeting folks for the very first time and also crossing the paths of people I have not seen for many years. One special event was singing at Concord Baptist Church in Clermont, GA which is in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains. I sang the song 'Trust' with their orchestra and choir....and it was really amazing. Got to hang out and fellowship with friends I have not seen for maybe 20 years, some who were very instrumental in me coming to know Christ as my Lord and Savior. It was the last date of my trip and really encouraged me. Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement. You are a vital part of this team.

What is next? I am putting together several songs....7 or 8....of old hymns that I have re-arranged and perhaps one or two Indonesian songs I have always loved from my mission trips. That will be out this year. I will keep you posted on that.

Please go check out the new 'older' music on my IH page.

Click the CD above and check out the music!

God bless you!


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