Christmas is coming.......

Wow! 2008 has all but disappeared! Good riddance, I say. I wipe the dust of 2008 off my feet and look forward to 2009. God has been a constant help in time of need and I do rejoice in His amazing love that is absolutely unrelenting to pour out His grace on our world....including me.

2 more days and Christmas is here. We are excited around the Carder home. Especially our two girls....Elena, 4 and Keely 2. What a blessed time to be able to love on these little ones. We got the Nativity scene in the front lawn with lights on the house. The home inside is filled with Christmas and we enjoy those Christmas movies.....The Santa Clause, Home Alone (Elena's favorite....she loves the scene with the spider on the guy's face), and my favorite....It's a Wonderful Life.

I hope you have two or more special reasons to celebrate this Christmas.....but remembering to keep the main reason....the main reason, which is God's special gift to us...the Lord Jesus! Happy Birthday Jesus.



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