Eastside Baptist Leadership Retreat

I am travelling tomorrow to the Lodge at Simpsonwood in Norcross, Georgia. I have the privilege to lead the leadership retreat for Eastside Baptist Church, located in Marietta, GA. What an honor to lift the name of Jesus with that group!
Driving through the rain early morning!

I would love to serve you at your next event. Call 502-550-3566! God bless ya!



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California Dreamer

Every morning she wakes up to find it in her mind
As the day presses on it's taking up her time
T.V. commercials talk to her say you gotta get away.
The nights here are so wonderful, but they don't compare to the day
She's California dreamin', she's got California in her mind
Gonna be a big star some day, gonna leave all her troubles behind
She's California dreamin', California is in her eye
Don't know how she'll get there but she'll sure have to give it a try
Verse 2:
Her best friend Jill left last Spring, she writes her once in a while
She says the boys are so pretty here, with their pretty smiles
She says it's eighty degrees round here, almost all through the year
The ocean is blue, you know the sky is too, babe you gotta get out here

Verse 3:
She never made it to California, never seen those Beverly Hills
But she's got her magazines, how they make her feel
She saves her money for a rainy day, one day she'll be on her way
Till then she's spends day and night dreamin' of a better life
© 1992 Too Much Records. Words and Music by Chris Carder


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