Go (A Day in Life)

I just added an old song to my IH page. It is called 'Go (A Day in Life)'. Please check it out.

Silhouette of trees as the sun lays down
Rabbits play chase on an empty playground
Streetlights flicker on, a small town goes to sleep
Little children say, “I pray my soul You’ll keep.”
And as our lives move on and on
One day the Father will look to the Son and He’ll say,
“Go, quickly Son, it’s time to bring Your people home.
Go, quickly Son, and bring them home.
Verse 2:
Teenage sweethearts play on her front porch
Silly games that come from young love’s torch
Her daddy reads the paper in the den
While her momma tucks her brother in…..
Can’t you see the earth as she moans and groans
Water’s broke and labor has begun
We got to set our eyes to the sky
‘Cause our redemption draws nigh……..
© 1992 Too Much Productions. Words and music by Chris Carder.

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