Chris Carder Sings "Double Cure"

vid link: carder sings doublecure

This is a song by a guy name Bill Mallonee called Double Cure. I have loved this song for many years.

I saw Mallonee's group 'The Vigilantes of Love', only one time....but had followed VOL many years before.

'Double Cure' is up there on my top list of all time songs. There is a lot of passion in the lyrics and music. The struggle of walking your talk, overcoming the life of a hipocrite, being the man of God I am suppose to be....are all addressed to me in this simple but powerful song. If you get a chance, find Mallonee somewhere in concert.....maybe he will play it for you.

This video was captured on a little Sony camera at Forest Park Community Church in Jeffersontown, KY, back in July. Hope you enjoy it. Give me a shout if you do!



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