Back from DownEast Maine

I just returned from DownEast Maine a couple of weeks ago. You know.... blueberries, moose and Bar Harbor. Had a blast with the whole family. The Head of the River Baptist Church flew us all up and showed how gracious the Maine people are, once again. We had the opportunity to sing at two coffeehouses and two churches on the short trip. It is always such a blessing to be with all of them. Can't wait to do it again....God willing, of course.

Here is a video of the song 'Mile of Sunshine Boulevard' captured in July while at a coffeehouse in Louisville, KY. I played with a band named Mile7. If you get a chance, check them out. They are hot in this area, up-n-coming with great hearts and music to match. Well, here is the video.....



song: Shoulda Been Me


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Annette Burkett said...

Just listened to your single "Two Wrongs" it's a great song!