Off to Tombstone, Arizona

Hola! I am travelling, via American Airlines, with the family tomorrow to Tombstone, Arizona for adventuring during the Helldorado Days. I will be singing at the Tombstone Congregational Church and also at a new bookstore there in town. Yep...Tombstone....the land of Wyatt Earp, the Bird Cage Theatre and the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

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amos dettonville said...

Have a great trip bro. Bring me some desert!

Amos (aka the great fife)

Jason Elkins said...

Did you pack some heat?


Chris said...

It was a pretty good trip Amos. Lots of gunfights, the big 'Helldorado Days' annual parade. And yes, Jason, I was packing some heat! But got home to Louisville in the high 40s!