Ice Storm, Big Move, 2009 CIA Summit

Lots of stuff happening around here! First of all, Kentucky (and much of the Mid-West) have been under a huge Winter/Ice storm for the last 8 days. It has become the biggest storm in KY history. More people out of power than ever before. But LG&E are on their game. The place looks like a war zone with all the downed trees and power lines. The next few days are suppose to warm up.

Besides all that, my home church, Forest Park Community Church, has been moving to a larger facility for the last month. Check out the story in Louisville's Courier Journal. We should be in by March 1st(ok maybe the 15th).
It has been fun transfering a traditional looking building into our 'home'. But a whole lotta work. Check out our website if you get a chance.

ANd just to send a little plug out about the CIA Summit.....I am pumped to go to my 3rd Summit. It is a great place to get encouragement, grab some wisdom and build relationships with other artists trying to change their world for Christ. I will surely be headed down to Nashville, TN at the end of March....God willing, of course! Check out the news at Indieheaven!


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