Marriage Conference

Headed to Brownsburg, Indiana for a marriage conference with Hope Community Church this weekend! It has been a while since I was with this church and looking forward to seeing everyone there. I will be sharing one of my latest songs called Son of the LIving God, which my oldest daughter helped me write.

Son of the Living God
Verse 1:
You are the One,
There is no other,
Where else can we go?
Your words are truth,
Your words are power
Lead to eternal life.....

Jesus, Messiah, relentless in Your love.
Redeemer, Deliverer, You are the Christ,
The Son of the Living God,
Son of the Living God.

Verse 2:
And so You came,
not to condemn us
But to show us the Father's heart.
A heart of love,
mercy and grace
Seeker of the lost!

You have the words of life
                    (Where else can we go?)
You have the words of life
                    (Where else can we go?)
You have the words of life
               (Show us the Father's heart)

© 2011 Too Much Music. 
Written by Chris Carder and Elena Carder.


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