Strange and Wonderful

So, a little bit about this song.....Strange and Wonderful... It was basically written by Mac Powell, one of the greatest songwriters in our generation.  He and I became friends in Georgia in the early 90s. 

     He came over to the house one day and said. "I wrote you a song yesterday."  "What do ya mean, Mac?" 

    "Well. I just asked the Lord to help me write you a song and here is what He gave me." 

     I was amazed, but (being the seasoned writer myself), I thought a few words needed to be changed...(yeah like who else in their right mind would have ever changed a Mac Powell song?)..but he said, “We will just use your changes.”  He gave me half credit for the song.....but it was basically his creation. 

    I love the song.  It is my signature song.  I always feel God's presence when I sing it.  It is a crowd favorite.   Please, check it out on the Indieheaven Fan Favs....here:    

I put it up on the Fan Favs today and it is sitting at #10 today.  Your vote of 5 stars will be a great help!  Thanks!


song: Strange and Wonderful
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