Shawn Lewis of Hyper Static Union

I met a guy when I was recording the Trust CD. He was flown in to engineer my project. Mac Powell had told me, "This guy can do everything. He is so gifted." A couple of months later when I met Shawn Lewis, I quickly understood what Mac had been talking about. Shawn is the front man for the group Hyper Static Union. He has a sincere heart and desires to use God's gifts to reach others for the Kingdom of God.
Shawn put a lot of guitars on 'Trust'. He sang a lot of the background vocals. His creative juices never seem to slow down, whether at the board engineering, singing or throwing down some awesome sounds with his guitars. If you get a chance to hear Hyper Static Union, do it. If you can get them into a venue, church or hall, do it. It is a blessing to have had Shawn be a part of 'Trust', and God willing we will get to work again.

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ChrisMack said...

Hey Chris,

These guys music is awesome. I'm taking my oldest son Caleb who is turning 11 on Sept 27th to the TD show the 29th in Columbus... his first official rock show. I'm really looking forward to hearing HSU who are on the tour as well. Sweet!


Chris said...

WHat is up bro? Yeah they do rock. I was so impressed with Shawn Lewis, he is quite the musician. I hope you have a great time at the concert.