Top 10 (count 'em ten) songs july 2006 and the botton nine

Each month I like to chart how Mp3's from
my first two releases are doing (find them here).

th0ugh, again, my new release (plug plug) TRUST is out!

This month I not only provide a look at the top ten
but also the bottom nine ;-)

In the top the there was a two way tie for third place
and a three way tie for ninth place - so this top 10 list
really is a top 13 list (and thirteen is an excellent number
if you think about it musically* and historically, spiritually**).

Top 10 (count 'em ten) songs july 2006

  1. Sing Your Song
  2. Anything
  3. Someone Like Me, California Dreamer,
  4. Dance For You
  5. He Can
  6. Strange And Wonderful
  7. Help Me Jesus
  8. Wise Thing To Do
  9. Life's Too Short, Shoulda Been Me, All I Need,
  10. Never Let You Go,

the bottom nine (9) songs
(lowest first)
  1. Mission Minded
  2. What Kind of Love
  3. Thief [a short coda for the song Go! (ADIL)]
  4. You Can Call On Him
  5. Old Man
  6. Lost in Your Love
  7. Too Much For Me
  8. Go! (A Day in Life)
these stats are from project opus the best online
music community on the net today pay a visit and
have a look at my page there: project opus

Mp3 from one of my first two albums
(and since mission minded was the lowest):

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* musically, while there are technically 12 notes in
an octave (western) the count is 13 (count 'em):
C G D A E B F# C# Ab Eb Bb F C

** historically, spiritually, 12 disciples + 1 Lord = 13.

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