20 Links from Chris Carder ... maybe more

Here's a list of links from Chris Carder.

But first, if you ever google, msn, or yahoo chris carder you'll notice one of the paid ads almost always associated with my name. as of yet, this link does not have any Chris Carder Music, thus a warning label is in order:

  1. Carderville Dependent Artists (a swicki - a search community)
  2. You Can get Trust Now Online at indieheaven.com (be sure to click fan favs n vote for me)
  3. Help Chris Climb the Charts Click (direct fan favs link from indieheaven)
  4. Chris Carder Top Music Today (see me chart on Project Opus)
  5. Get Your Fan Face On! (it's easy to do - just follow the link)
  6. Photos (currently featuring the 'Trust Sessions' with mac powell, brad avery, david carr (all of third day), dave clo, scott klopfenstein, shawn lewis, pat malone, etc.,)
  7. theSpiritradio (check it out)
  8. Guestbook (stop by and sign my lonely guestbook)
  9. Too Much Records (the little shop of carder's is up and running ... improvements coming)
  10. Get the Chris Carder Newsletter (and stay up to date on music, news, charts, new releases, and deals coming out all the time)
  11. Last.fm (there are two chris carders on last.fm ... if you're a last.fm'er ... list me, share me, widget me, scrobble me, and above all enjoy)
  12. CD-Baby (so many have wanted to get Trust on CD - here's one way)
  13. Order Trust by Mail (some people don't trust the net ... gotcha covered ... you can order by regular mail if you wish)
  14. Shoutlife (yep, check it out ... a christian spaces kinda place)
  15. Myspace (yes, of course - it's mine all mine ... myspace/chriscardersmusic)
  16. Two Wrongs on Odeo (star me ... star me ... star me)
  17. Music Search Engine (no results ... anyone wanna help me with that?)
  18. Chris Carder Concerts (book 'em, er book me)
  19. More CC Links (yep, it's not updated yet ... but plenty of good links)
  20. Biography: The Chris Carder Story (well, at least you can see some of my musical influences ... which I'll list below for you:
Chris Carder's Musical Influences: Third Day, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Bill Mallonee and the Vigilantes of Love, John Cougar Mellencamp, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sting, Michael Jackson, James Taylor, Russ Taff, Johnny Cash, Dan Fogelberg, Eagles, Keith Green, and many more.

More than 20 links if you count them all ... check them out. Comment if you find something cool not listed here.

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