Rock the Block Festival in Louisville

I am really looking forward in hearing Zach Dodd this weekend.

Come catch him and several acts this Saturday, Septmeber 27th, 2008 at Kentucky's Fall classic Rock the Block Festival.
It is located at:
5708 Preston Highway
Louisville, KY 40219
(502) 964-6403

I am the opening act and play at 12 noon.....so come and check out the music. This is a huge family affair, lots of stuff for kids-young and old, so come on out!

12:00 pm Chris Carder
1:00 pm Silas Eisenback
2:00 pm Zach Dodd
3:00 pm Gospel Cheer
4:00 pm Shannon Whittenberg
5:00 pm Authentic U
6:00 pm Through The Storm
7:00 pm Wisdom’s Call
8:00 pm The City Limits



song: Strange and Wonderful

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