New video: Mile of Sunshine Boulevard

I made this video for a church service at Forest Park Community Church using another song. Later I switched the song out for Mile of Sunshine Boulevard from my Trust CD (2006). The ideas and creativeness came from a gifted lady named Tatum Hart. It is a song of the joy of living the Christian life.

Mile of Sunshine Boulevard
Travelling down the Mile of Sunshine Boulevard
Seeing things I never dreamed I see
Comin’ round a bend, I lean into the wind,
Finding new life with every breath I breathe.

Never believed it could get any better than this,
But this is really only a glimpse
When the road is done and I’m finally home.
Well I will shout and I will sing
I will dance to the King of Kings
And I will rejoice to be travelling down
The Mile of Sunshine Boulevard.

Ya better watch on the Mile of Sunshine Boulevard,
There are those who want to take you out.
Just keep lookin’ straight ahead,
You will never be misled,
Keep lovin’ the Lord and the road He takes you down.

© 2005 Too Much Records. Words by Chris Carder and Frank French.
Music by Chris Carder.



song: Mile of Sunshine Boulevard

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I really like this song! Good work man.