Honduras Bound!

I am headed to Comoyagua, Honduras this coming February 18-25, 2012. I will be going with other members of Forest Park Community Church, my home church.

We will set up a medical clinic, complete with a pharmacy near Comoyagua in some local churches. We’ll also have the opportunity to present the gospel as we minister to the physical needs of folks who rarely, if ever see a physician or nurse.

We will be staying with our hosts, Terry and Arlene Dupont who have been missionaries in Central America since 1998. They operate Openeyes Ministries in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras and San Salvador.

The cost will be $1450 per person will will include all travel, lodging and food (except meals while traveling), and travel to Louisville International Airport. $650 of that is due by November 13!

If anyone desires to help in this ministry financially, please make checks out to Forest Park Community Church. Please DO NOT fill in the memo note on the check, BUT on a seperate sheet let them know it is to be designated towards my portion of the trip.

Mail your checks to:
6623 Rockview Way
Louisville, KY 40299

If you will partner with us on this trip through prayer, I would appreciate a note and contact address to keep you informed.

Clicke here for a map and info on Honduras.



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