In Dallas, GA on the 29th

In the late 80's-early 90's Jacob's Trouble hit the main arena in the Christian market. They were high energy, with a sound that reminded many of The Beatles or The Monkees. I met Mark Blackburn a few years later and through different events began playing with Mark at a few shows here and there. Later Mark produced my second project called Strange and Wonderful. Turn the clock ahead all the years and Mark is the senior pastor of RealLife Church, a new church plant.

This weekend I will be playing at Area 251 on Saurday night. Area 251 is the concert arm of the church. I am excited to be heading to Dallas! Better yet, I will be leading Reallife on Sunday morning during their praise time. AWESOME!

Check out the new church plant if you are around the Dallas, Georgia area. You can find them here.


song: Strange and Wonderful

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