Indieheaven.com song contest!

Indieheaven.com's song contest is in it's 2nd month. 'Trust', the title cut on Chris Carder's latest CD finished last month at #7 thanks to so many voting! The contest will last 3 entire months and you can help him climb the chart! Simply follow the link below and scroll down till you find TRUST. Listen through the entire song, and drag across all 5 stars to vote. You can vote one time every 24 hours, and you have to listen through the entire song for your vote to count! Just click here to listen and vote!

As a thanks to those who support Chris, go to his indieheaven page to download the TRUST song for free. Click on the REDEEM button and put in TRUST for the code. Thanks for all your support for Chris and his music. God bless you.

To book Chris for your next event, call 502-550-3566.


song: TRUST

all mp3 downloadable songs priced: $0.99
current release TRUST $10.00 (order online or via snail mail)

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