Back in Atlanta - Chris Carder new project on the way

new project
Back in Atlanta, Ga.
working on the new project

Some sample songs (ruff demo tracks) will be up on the website soon. If you haven't already signed up already or you'd like to be informed when the new tracks will be up (or tour info, general news, and info on this "yet to be named project" then click here to sign up for The Chris Carder mailing list (gotta get a better name for that) :-)

And if you'd like to listen Strange and Wonderful while you surf just click: Open the Popup Window and it will open in a new window for you.

Also, the songs you are hearing are only mono lofi versions of the songs for preview - you can purchase a top quality hifi version of a song ($1.00) or all ten ($10.00) and help your local artist :-) (mp3 sales thru project opus - cd version available soon).



song: from my first album California Dreamer (surprisingly popular)


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