Need some 'gigs'

Anyone out here know of a great place I could be performing my new music? I would love to share the new songs at your church, coffeehouse, conference, etc. I will have some samples of the rough mixes up in a couple of days on my website. I am pretty excited about the new stuff. I am currently putting a couple of tours together for the summer months and one for the fall. In July, I will be in the great state of Maine and also in Georgia. I would love to come to your city!



song: Dance For You (Listen) (Purchase - $1.00)



Anonymous said...

I know a GREAT place for you to play, bro -- in a li'l town we call TOH-KEE-YOH! So get your strange (and wonderful) butt on over here.

(By the way, I can not WAIT to hear more songs from the new record -- bring 'em on).

From your TokyoBrother...

Chris said...

Hey Chris, I would love for you to come down to miami, but we are not set up to host people from out of town just yet. It would be great to do an unplugged house concert and a coffee house.

Anyway, you should check out voxtropolis.com Alex Mcmanus (Erwin's brother; Mosaic) has a good idea. It is a blogging community that will have at its core the opportunity to display live artist to the blogging community.

There is a clock countdown at the top of the page.


Chris said...

Hey Chris,

A coffeehouse or house concert is great! Just me, guitar, and 'band on a disc' otherwise known as trax. Or forget the band. WHatever works for you....I am game. Thanks for keeping me in mind and staying in touch. God bless you bro. Stay 'Hurricane-free' this year.