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In the last post about top 10 songs it seems the link to Help Me Jesus didn't work, so:

Then, in my post on myspace - forgot to mention the little point that icerocket searches myspace - but you cannot seem to find chris carder - but instead chriscarder??? also, chris carder louisville kentucky - not there, nor chris carder smyrna georgia ... nope. How about "musician by trade"? Wait a sec, chriscarder louisville, kentucky - and - chriscarder smyrna georgia - hmmm, works sorta... maybe I just need to put the words, "Chris Carder," all over the myspace page... anyway, you can search for music and more on myspace with icerocket. If you haven't used icerocket - the web search is cool too!

Simpli Search finds Carder and again stop by myspace and say hello or something :-)

Blogmarks is pretty awesome as well.



song: (repeat just because) - Help Me Jesus (only $1.00)


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