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Haven't done much with myspace just yet ... still take a sec and stop by (so far no purple background, no glittery images, no dancing chris gif, etc. - but ya never know)...

Icerocket not only searches blogs: like A Day in Life (by yours truly) but also myspace (btw, there's more if you blog search chris carder on icerocket). Seems the chris carder music podcast is out there on broadsnatch

anyway, stop by and leave me a note if u r a myspacer... and while you're there notice the awesome new project opus player from project opus - which will soon be appearing on this blog as well... very soon :-)...



listen to the full album (in a new window): Strange and Wonderful

song: click to preview Sing Your Song mp3 download of high quality stereo version just $1.00*


*$1.00 - if you're wondering why there's always a price mentioned for songs on my blog it's because these posts get listed on edgeio one of the net's newest ways to list cool products.

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