As a musician I can readily get wrapped up in thinking that worship is singing to the Lord. And though that is definitely a wonderful avenue to worship the God of creation there is so much more to worship than that. I consider singing to God, truths about Him and/or what He has done for us, as praise. Praise, whether individually or in a corporate setting is only part of worship. I have learned that worship encompasses everything I am suppose to do for Christ. When I put my neighbor before myself, I am worshiping my Savior. When I am trying to overcome the temptation that so easily besets me I am worshiping Him. If I seek His smile through His awesome Word, I am worshiping Him. I am suppose to be a living sacrifice following and obeying the One who created me. That is acceptable worship. When I sing at church it doesn't mean I am worshiping...though that is my goal. I must be thinking on and pondering my Master, not just giving 'lip service'. If I can enter His courts with praise I feel it will enable others to drop down their safety nets and likewise respond in truth to praise the God who created them as well. I rarely get to just be in the audience and leave all the 'duties' of leading a group in praise...so it is always a blessing when I can attend a Third Day, David Crowder or Salvador concert. Then I am not pondering chord charts and playing, but just letting myself become fully devoted to singing out truth to my God.

Does anyone have some thoughts on the subject of Praise and/or Worship? I would love to hear them. God bless you as we worship Him together.



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