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Still waiting on the new release....but just around the corner. I had to send some corrections to the manufacturer. So, hopefully in 7 days I will be receiving the shipment! And while I wait, I thought I would share some of the photos that are included with the CD.





all songs priced: $1.00

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amos dettonville said...

chris, i have been really excited (with you) about your new release, "Trust" and all of the great new songs.

the image of shane as a little boy jumping freely into life on the cover has really been something of a deeper image burned into my heart and my mind. there is something about a 3 year old and that "jump" spirit they (we) have as we ease into life and living.

being a parent now, i know a bit, (just a bit), of how the reality of that "leap into life" is going to end - as i pray daily that my child will not only live a great life but even more... an eternal life in Christ. this world is wondrous, but wild and untamed (read "not safe") too.

today, i came across this page honoring shane britton: officer down and i came across this page as well family and friends remember shane britton.

seeing his face, the way i knew it (and in your cd cover as a child) really caught me by surprise. all i could think of at first was laughing so hard with shane and seth at your mom's house so long ago.

i am not sure why this isn't in an email - or what i am getting at...

except that the one word title of your new project says it all to me, "Trust." in this life, somehow, all of us are living between that ladder and the landing - we're all mid-leap as it were...

the look of shane's childhood face in that old black and white makes me think that he wasn't "fearless in flight" as much as he was "aware that his father was near."

only children who TRUST can leap so freely, and that's a trust in an earthly father. how much more shall we all know the wonder of life as we TRUST in our Heavenly Father and perceive by faith the everlasting arms awaiting....

peac4d. (in all 4 known dimensions)
amos dettonville