More Summer tour stuff

So, I flew into Bangor, Maine on the 11th of July. Was picked up by Pastor Scott Porter. We met a great friend of mine, Tracy Farnsworth at Jordan's Restuarant, in Ellsworth. His son was playing in a playoff baseball game that night.

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At the ballgame in Ellsworth, Maine.

During the week, I had a couple of outdoor concerts, one at a picnic at the pastor's house on a lake, and one for the youth group. Then on Sunday morning I once again had the opportunity to share with the church at Head of the River Baptist. That night I was in Larabee Baptist Church. Here is a photo of my buddy, Tracy Farnsworth, who helped me out often on Background vocals.

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Tracy and I met when we both went on a summer missions team in the early 90s to Indonesia. Here is a picture of his family....minus the son (who is pictured above in right field).

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This picture was taken outside the Larabee Baptist Church. We had a great time there on Sunday night. The church was awesome. I finished up the set with an encore of my new song "Shoebox". It was great.



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