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Brad Avery on guitars for the "TRUST sessions"

"I’m tired of thinking ‘bout what might have been
How I could change my life and live it again That’s just a lie trying to run me down My better days are all in front of me now."

from chris carder's new cd: TRUST
© 2006 Too Much Records. Written by Chris Carder and Mac Powell.

a small slide show of pics from this blog is here.

TRUST, it's taking a bit of time to get the thing available online - but not much longer. easy way to find out when - click this here link - enter your email and send - voila! news will be coming to you soon :-)

who can?
He Can... one of the songs from "Too Much for Me" has been getting some attention as of late (as in listens and purchases from the place where u can get my MP3's - project opus). the song is below - check it out!





all songs priced: $1.00

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