Back to the Future, Concerts, Pictures, and a Guestbook

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Back to the Future
some time back I posted a letter to myself in the future
on FutureMe.org [this post] and guess what? here it
is: Dear FutureMe Chris Carder, ...check this out


Speaking of the Future
Here is where you can find news
about my upcoming shows: Chris Carder Tours

Upcoming shows, missions, gigs, etc. can
be found at my carder myspace artist page
(psst. if u have a myspace page u can now add some
songs from Chris Carder's latest release, "TRUST").

and alternatively ;-)
You can see my gigs listed under
"shows" in a calander format or list @ project opus
(still need to enter these - but they'll be there)

fotos from TRUST
While you wait for my dates to be added to PO, there
are some pictures from "The Trust Sessions" up there w/
myself, mac powell, brad avery, david carr, shawn lewis,
scott klopfenstein, pat malone, dave clo, etc. [stop by - have a look]

Buy TRUST online
Again, TRUST is available online - avoid the rush, buy them in bulk
on: my music page :-)

Stop by and post a "howdy" or "hello" on my new guestbook: christophercarder.com
(see guestbook link at top of page)




mp3 downloads of classic carder music: $1.00
Chris Carder's TRUST: $15.00 (online) (via mail)

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