Song by Song: Never Let You Go

Never Let You Go
from: Strange and Wonderful (download here)

About this song...I had back surgery and had some pretty serious complications. While recuperating in the hospital a buddy, Mac Powell, brought me a mandolin. He did not know how to tune it and neither did I, but another friend came in, Sonny Lallerstedt, and he can tune anything by ear. I have known Sonny since he was part of The Pat Terry Group. He was glad to tune it and I ended up in the hospital for like 21 days. While I was there I learned to play the mandolin and wrote the song before I went home. Crazy that I wrote it on the mandolin and it ended up being the hottest song on the CD. That, of course, is due to the amazing guitar work of Kip Bell, who at the time was lead guitarist for Rocketboy. So, there is a little history of Never Let You Go. A tale of redemption and God's faithfulness.


Never Let You Go

I was lookin' for a reason to live.
I was empty from all life had to give.
The Word of God came and got a hold of me,
And would not let me go.

I was hungry for some peace of mind.
Tired of feeling so burdened and blind.
The Word of God came and got a hold of me,
And would not let me go.

When the Word of God gets hold of you,
Takes control of you, won't let go of you,
He'll never let you go.
Jesus said to believe
And that He would never leave you alone,
He'll never, never let you go.

I was a sinner, I had Hell to pay.
Just like you I knew I could never get away.
The Word of God came and got a hold of me,
Would not let me go.






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