My Top Five Favorite Artists of 2006

My top 5 music artists from last year (2006) are as follows:

1. Third Day: I really like their song on the Christmas Offerings called 'Born in Bethlehem'.

2. Leeland: what impresses me about this young band is that Leeland himself is so young and I feel a bit of Keith Green in his heart. You need to check out their Sound of Melodies project.

3. Casting Crowns: I love how the song, Lifesong' the title cut of Lifesong, was easy to use in worship when my pastor went through a series of sermons in James.

4. Mark Roach: I got the chance to use his song 'You Are' several times last year.

5. Keith Green: Since I mentioned him before....Green changed Christian music with his passion and heart for God. He changed me. Check out many of his CDs at Amazon.com.


song: You Came Along and Shoebox

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1 comment:

Sidharth said...

I love Keith Green's songs as well. Have you heard of Michael Card and Don Francisco. They're songs are inspiring. Two of my favorites.