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You Came Along
from: TRUST (mp3 sample)

About this song...

You Came Along was driven by the remembrance of how life was without Christ. Things in my life were pointless, hopeless, empty. I began to get involved in a youth ministry, the year after I graduated, at First Baptist Church of Smyrna, GA. I saw a committment to God and each other I have yet to see again in a youth group. As I look back on it, I remember that Jesus said 'They will know Me by your love." I gave my likfe to Jesus in the Spring while the youth had a one night revival at a local church. I got saved, born again, or whatever you may want to call it. I exchanged a pointless life for one with direction. Jesus lifted the weight I carried and freed me. I will not forget that day.

You Came Along reflects that moment in a person's life when they surrender to The Creator! If you get a chance request the song for me down below. I would really...really appreciate it. God bless.

Thought I was fine and I knew all the answers
Sure that I was doing everything right
You came and opened my eyes to a different light

Just like a fool taking all things for granted
Living my life thinking I had it all
Didn’t know I was so wrong till I heard You call

You came along and You wanted to save me
It was all wrong but You made it all right
Gave me a hope that I needed but never had known
Didn’t know love until You came along

I was a ship in a storm on the ocean
Lost and not knowing which way I should go
You shined Your light in the dark and then led me home.

© 2001 Too Much Records.
Written by Mac Powell and Chris Carder.

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song: You Came Along

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