Big Loser

Ok, I am getting on the kick of kicking myself into a healthier lifestyle. I changed my eating habits, got a membership at Ideal Fitness, and have started running. I still struggle with getting the poundage off.

My goal is to lose 70 pounds total and 40 of that by Memorial Day, 2008. I am down about 12, but doesn't seem what I have been doing is kicking the pounds off for the last week. SO, last night I joined The Biggest Loser Club, hoping it will assist in some helpful advise. You know, NBC's answer to American Idol called The Biggest Loser , a show for giant people wanting to lose the wait. The show is in it's 5th season. I have a hard time stomaching all the bluburing on that show, (who says real men don't cry), but if you can get past all that, there is a lot of encouragement and advice one can use if you really want to lose the weight.

I started at 278......wow, 278. And my current goal is 208. That would be awesome. I will dedicate one post a week.....probably Thursdays, to how things are progressing. Keep an eye out.....leave some comments....and go and buy some music!



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