Well the latest wieght situation is a drop to 263 on Sunday morning, to 264 on Monday morning.....I suppose due to the El Nopalito easter celebration food I plunged into yesterday...chips and all. I honestly thought it would be worse.

This will make it difficult to hit 258 by Thursday morning.....but the attempt will be made. Oatmeal in the a.m., salads, and some sort of baked fish tonight...and maybe again, soon. Low snacks, but something that will keep the fires burning. AND the biggest one, not eating at night! And continue to work out at Ideal Fitness.

My big goal is to be down to 258 by the CIA Summit, which starts on Thursday evening. And then along with that, not go back to poor habits while I am there! I am hoping to reach that goal on Thursday morning.

Sorry to be late on this....I had a lot going on last week. Taxes to do, lots of preparation for the awsome Easter service at the Jeffersontown Community Center....and just a couple of little girls that need attention!

I also put my song 'Refuge(Pslam 62)' up on the indieheaven.com Fan Faves. Click the picture below to get there and vote for it...in the Adult Contemporary category.



song: Refuge(Psalm 62)

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