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Thanks to the voting, Shoebox has made it up to the #1 spot at the Indieheaven.com's Fan Faves, at the time of this writing. Shoebox was a creation to remind us all of the future we have as believers in Christ. Life may be hard, really hard.....or you can live on easy street. But when we move on.....life is well.....awesome. Lots of people remember their past, like high school days as their glory days. Before too long, they have all this baggage and nothing to live for in the future. I call this baggage a shoebox filled with the stuff. It could be promises of past loves or how we envisioned our life when we were younger...and it just did not turn out like we thought it should. We know that this life is just a glimpse of the one to come...better days are ahead. So, this is a song of encouragement and hope.

I had this song started with a couple of verses penned out. When I went to record in Atlanta, it was just something I was working on. My producer said, "Hey, that's pretty cool. Change the chorus and let's record this song." So, we finished it that week. Take a listen. AND keep voting!

I’ve got a shoebox underneath my arm,
Yeah, its been draggin’ me down way too long.
Filled with empty dreams that never came true
I bet we all have got a box or two.

I’m letting go
Of all the things that are pulling me down
Now that I know
There’s so much for me than what’s come before
I’ve done made up my mind
Not wasting no more time
I’m leaving it behind

I’m tired of thinking ‘bout what might have been
How I could change my life and live it again
That’s just a lie trying to run me down
My better days are all in front of me now.

© 2006 Too Much Records.
Written by Chris Carder and Mac Powell.




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