Yeah....Loved that game!

We all heard the last two weeks that basically there was little chance that the New York Giants would be able to overcome the unstoppable New England Patriots machine. You know, the greatest team in the NFL. The greatest offense in history with that playboy Joe Namath type do no wrong quarterback. In the opposing corner, a mild, humble slinger who cherishes not desiring the limelight, but insists on allowing his play to be the topic of the roporters. Eli Manning turned the upset of his life and I enjoyed every last moment of that game!

So, here is one for the underdog who played the best game of this short century. And for sure, New England will now be remembered not for the 18-0 start of this year, but for a task unfinished....being the greatest team of all time. And go figure, it was Don Shula's birthday. What a present for the former coach of the undefeated world champion Miami Dolphins of 1972. Check out last nights game nfl.com



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