Lost in Your Love

Yeah, in 1989, I met this great lady and she ended up going to Indonesia on a mission team I was the assistant leader of; and yeah, I fell for her; and yeah, of course, she broke my heart.

But during the summer we were flying from Manado to Bali on our way back to the states and while in the airport I started playing with this little riff on my guitar. Then they started calling us to board the plane. Well, when they call you to board the plane in Indonesia.....you board the plane. We got in our seats and before they had begun to taxi from the gate I had written this love song called 'Lost in Your Love'. I still like this song.....about love, about young love, about infactuation and not being able to keep your mouth closed when you heart says scream.

You can check out the song at OPUS.

song: Lost in Your Love



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