Project: Too Much For Me

In 1992, I came out with my first project, called 'Too Much For Me'. It was a collection of songs I had been working on and playing at a few churches and venues. It had some good songs on it. I had a great time recording it at Twelve Oaks Recording Studio in Smyrna, Georgia. A great friend, Sonny Lallerstedt, produced the project with me. Sonny is an incredible musician. He is a great guy! You can check out the music at OPUS.

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The artwork on the project was the creation of David Vanderpoel. This is the black and white version of the photo. It was a black and white original that he colored by hand. It was awesome. David was the creator of 'Visions of Gray' magazine and 'Gray Dot Records'. He too is a great friend and I am grateful for him and his contribution. The picture was taken in 'Little Five Points' just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I only saw the small version of the photo until one day David gave me the 8" x 10". I took it to the studio and Sonny says, "Look, you're project is called 'Too Much For Me' and in the picture you are passed out on the wall with a beer bottle beside you. Is that the message you are trying to communicate?"



Album: Too Much For Me
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interesting link about "Too Much for Me": Chris Carder


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