New Release coming!

As I mentioned before, I went down in mid January to my hometown (Atlanta, Georgia) to record my next project. It should be out in early April.....right after our second girl pops into this crazy world. Yeah, my wife Leslie is due the 3rd of April....so we are having to balance the project projection date along side the other new arrival! The birth of my third project depends on getting the finishing touches done in March. We are getting some 'nasty' B3 sounds on several songs this week. I continue to lay down some vocals here at a studio in Louisville. My desire is to get some strings on a couple or three songs also. Then I will go to Nashville in March to lay down some finishing touches on the vocals and BGVs. Get it mastered and hopefully turned around in April. Anyway, while in the waiting mode check out this photo of the guys who have helped make the new project a reality. That is, from left to right, Mac Powell (Third Day), Shawn Lewis (Hyper Static Union), Pat Malone, Scott Klopfenstein (formerly with Bill Mallonee and the Vigilantes of Love), and Brad Avery (Third Day) along with yours truly. These guys are incredible musicians and artists. What a great time we had working on this new release!

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