Baby on the way!

My wife is due with our second little female on the 3rd of April....but I don't think she is gonna make it that long. I bet it is two weeks away.....somewhere around the middle or late days of March. We had our first girl at Baptist East hospital and that is where Elena's sister will be born, too. Keep your ears posted and I will direct you in finding our new little one at the Baptist East website when she arrives! Brithing the new baby has been on my mind a lot cause the wife is in the 'I'm tired of being pregnant' stage and she is really hurting and feeling the pressure. It is much worse than the last time, 19 months ago.
The other night I was watching American Idol with the wife (Leslie), and a young African-American girl got up to sing. She was really young...but she could belt it out. When you hear her talk she reminds me of the little girl, (Butterfly McQueen played Prissy), in Gone With the Wind mostly remembered for her line.... ""Lordy, we got to have a doctor! I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' babies!" !" That is her voice when she talks, but even though she is young she still has a great exciting and enthusiastic quality in her singing. It's just her 'normal' voice makes me think of babies......but that is where my mind is at the present.



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