Third Day/David Crowder Concert

Went to see Third Day and The David Crowder Band last night at The Palace in Louisville, Kentucky. What a great concert. The night started off with Crowder and they rocked the house with several of his great songs, such as, 'Here is Our King', 'Undignified', and 'O Praise Him'. During intermission, Tai Anderson, Third Day's bass player showed a short video he filmed just a week prior to the Wherever You Are tour. He spent some time in Uganda and wanted to share his (and Third Day's) burden for the Children of War victims in that country. Third Day and World Vision have partnered together to get the message out to their fans on how to make a difference in Uganda. Tai expressed the overwhelming feelings we face today after the incredibly devastating time of natural disasters and the pressures of life that have dropped on our shoulders in the last 15 months. But his plea was that, even though we can feel there not much we can do to change the problems, we can make a difference in this area of helping the kids in Uganda.
Both Crowder and Third Day kept the packed Palace crowd jumping and celebrating the hope we have in what Jesus has done for us. I have never been disappointed when I have gone to a Third Day show. They are serious about their walk with Jesus. And they can rock. From Tai's low-end thumping and David Carr's drumming, to Brad Avery and Mark Lee putting the heart into the music with their lead guitar licks...you haven't experienced church like this....but that is what it is about! Mac Powell's voice and heart bring you to the throne in truth and spirit. The time was special. A wonderful worship experience. If you get a chance to go to the Wherever You Are tour, you will be glad you did. Take a friend who needs the hope Christ gives.



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Sarah said...

Wow, you're that Chris Carder? The one who contributed to Third Day being together? Whoa. That's really cool.

I'm glad you liked the concert, I heard it was a good one.

Chris said...

Hey Sarah,
I did not have much to do with 3D being who they are...though Mac may say so, but we were all friends back in Georgia and Brad and I played together some. The first time I heard 3D (way before Brad) I fell in love with their hearts and music.
Yeah, if you can get to this tour with Crowder, GO! It is really great.
Thanks for commenting. I have been working on a CD and talked with Mac last week prior to the concert, we should be finishing it up after their tour. Hopefully you will hear it soon!God bless you Sarah!

Sarah said...

I have to tell you that you are totally the stuff that Third Day trivia contests are made of. Actually, I think in one of the trivia contests, you were actually the answer. I don't remember which it was--it was either "Brad Avery Birthday Trivia" or the regular "Third Day Trivia" contest. But that's really cool.

I saw the tour in Lynchburg--it was really great. And then I'm flying to Nashville to see it, and driving to Florence SC, Hampton VA, and Greensboro NC to see it. After I graduate high school I probably won't get the chance to see as many shows, so I'm trying to pack them all in now.

I've been listening to your stuff, sounds great!
Have a wonderful day!

Chris said...

I'd like to see that trivia. I guess you are one of the 3D 'Gomers', eh? Anyway, I can not believe you go all over the country to hear 'em.....that is pretty awesome. Where are you planning on going to college? Are you a musician yourself?

Thanks for listening to my stuff. I am putting up some new stuff at Opus from my 2nd release. I think you will like that much better. If you can, let me know how it sounds. I have been having a hard time uploading and still have three songs from the project to load up...but these songs are more of my style than Too Much For Me. Hey, again, thanks for listening....tell your friends about it if you can. I still have a guy working on my website, I like my blog a lot more right now, but he is getting the webpage going more and more.

Have a great day Sarah. Thanks for keeping in touch! God bless you.