Music in the Blood

My dad was one of those Tom Brokav's Greatest Generation guys. He spent a tour on a ship as a Navy man during the Korean War and after he returned home he started playing the drums. He became pretty well known in the South. He played Dixieland Jazz and he could go. I remember many times as a kid helping him pack his drums in the car and watching him drive off for another gig. He was known as 'Smilin' Jack Carder'. He loved people and having a great time with them.
I don't know that he ever saw any 'action' in the Korean War, but I think he was part of those who tested special bombs in the ocean...and in that way the war killed him anyway...he was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was like 39 or 40 and died at 44 when I was a sophomore in high school. Here is a very typical picture of a guy that seemed to enjoy life moment by moment...knowing how short life really is. I guess music must be in the blood.

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