A Little Gigging History

Some friends back in the mid-80s at Smyrna First Baptist all came together to form my first 'band'. I don't even think we had a name. But soon afterward we joined in with a couple of guys from Berry College in Rome, Georgia and formed a group called 'Staircase'. We layed down three or four songs one day at some studio in Avendale Estates in Stone Mountain, Georgia. We played at churches, coffehouses, and a college or two. Later, after a few years just doing my own stuff, I came out with my first project in '92 called 'Too Much For Me'. I released it through my own record label called Too Much Records.

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I also started touring with a couple of guys not too long after that....Mark Blackburn and Frank French. Mark had played with Jacob's Trouble and Frank was best known from the band Drivin'-N-Cryin', and pruducing the first Indigo Girls album. We became known as 'Carder, Blackburn and French'. Here is a photo of me and Mark. Look at that hair. You got to check out Blackburn's site. Here is a link with him singing with 70's star David Cassidy.

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Chris Bell said...

Hey Chris, glad to see you are blogging. You probably don't remember me but you and Rob came and did a youth conference at Riverland Baptist in Fort Lauderdale a few years back when I was a youth minister.

I also saw you stand up at a Third Day concert in Louisville when Mac introduced you. I was attending Southern at the time.

Anyway, glad to see you are doing well.

Chris Bell

Chris said...

Hey Chris Bell......yeah I do remember coming down to Ft. Lauderdale.....the city that never seemed to end. I hope you are well. What are you doing these days? Are you pastoring somewhere. I didn't know you had come up to Southern. Last week I caught Rob on TV when he preached at SBTS. We had dinner that night and it was sooo good to see him. I loved being with Rob anywhere. Let me know what is going on in your life. God bless Bro.

Chris Bell said...

The cliff notes version.

Married for 11 years now.
Three Children (6,4,2)
Graduated from Southern in 2004
Planting a chruch in North Miami.

I started listening to Rob's sermon - He is hillarious just like I remember. I would have really like to see him show up in chapel with anything other than a suit. (Really, I would have liked to have seen Mohler's face).