Pastor Rob Turner

I have a great friend name Rob Turner who lives in Kettering, Ohio. He is pastor of a church called Apex Community Church. Rob and I met one day when we were both attending The Southern Baptist Seminary in 1996. He had been a Centrifuge summer pastor that year and had met a good friend of mine named Mac Powell. Mac told Rob I was headed up to Southern and if he needed a worship leader anytime to look me up. I walked up to check a book out at the library one afternoon as classes were getting underway and there was Rob behind the desk checking out material to students. One thing led to another and we spent the next four years travelling around the country doing conferences and retreats. We had some incredible experiences. Tomorrow, he is speaking at Southern Seminary chapel services. Apex Community church is the best thing going in the Dayton, Ohio area. Check out the church. You will not be disappointed with the church starting from their humble, honest, and humorous pastor, Rob Turner.




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eric wright said...

You said, "Apex Community church is the best thing going in the Dayton, Ohio area."

I have to disagree. They are one of the best.

Check out the Dayton Vineyard sometime!

Just a little good natured ribbing. No offense intended.