Indonesian Missions

I spent the summers of 1989, 1991, and 1993 in Manado, Indonesia on mission trips. I had my first trip in 1984 to Liberia, West Africa. I went with an organization known as World Outreach Fellowship. They merged with Pioneers in the early 1990s. On that first trip, I met a family who soon basically unofficially adopted me ... Jim and Beth Britton. They had spent 7 years in Indonesia with New Tribes Missions and had come on board WOF. I fell in love with their family and was blessed to be a part of all the teams we went on together. Jim and Beth are still on staff at Pioneers and they keep travelling over to Banda Aceh to help in the relief efforts to get that part of the world back on its feet and show the practical love of Jesus to everyone. They left again last week for a short time. This photo below was taken in 1991 while we stopped over in Bali for a couple of days on our trip back to the States. I took this photo at sunset on Kuta Beach. This is just one of the many memories of incredible sunsets and sunrises all over Indonesia, truly one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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