California Dreamer

Have you ever just dreamed of 'something' and worked for 'something' and sacrificed stuff for 'something' and that 'something' just never seem to happen, never came to fruition. I'm sure we all have something we wish we could have achieved and just never did. We will feel like we wasted our time and energies and $$$ to end up......empty of our 'something'. It could be a relationship, a career, a dream that just becomes a carrot right in front of you. But it is in your heart and you press on trying to grasp it.
Maybe we have watched friends or parents become distant because they were pouring their lives into their 'something' that they missed the really important things. Some kids never see their moms and dads much at all. I suppose it would be wise to learn at an early age to keep things in perspective; to discipline your life so that there is a balance. It is hard when the 'something' keeps calling to you.
A lot of people search for God in a similar way. A long time ago, God stepped out of heaven and became one of us. He dwelt among us and told us how to have a relationship with Him. Most of us try to have a relationship with God on our own terms instead of His terms. So, we try to earn His love by obeying a set of rules or following a guideline of do's and don'ts. In the end many miss ever knowing Him.
The 'California Dreamer' did just that.....never gets where she wants to, when all along her dream was right there. If you get a chance, check out the song.


song: California Dreamer (Listen) (Purchase - $1.00)


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