"Oh Bother!"

It is a rather bothersome thing and puts one in a sort of, 'out-of-commission' state for about two weeks of your life.....but it is one of the great privileges AND responsibilities of every American citizen. What am I talking about?....... jury duty. Today I was summoned to appear at the Jefferson County Judicial Center....for the next two weeks. Failure to show would be futile. The Sheriff shows up at your door and reads the Miranda rights to you and you end up right back where you started from...less some fines, I am sure.

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Yeah, the first thing you say to yourself is, "I do not have time to serve." What about the next CD I am working on that is already overdue? How far back is this going to put the release date? Can other people adjust to my schedule to accommodate me?

Yeah, it can be a hassle. But today I felt encouraged and appreciated by all of the court 'ministers', from the administrators to the judges who spoke to us. How cool is it to be a part of one of the greatest aspects of our government set in place way back when Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were but young men? Pretty cool, I think. I hope I can be of service to the city of Louisville, Kentucky.

Maybe I will be someone who makes history in the court system in our great country of America, land of the free. Or maybe I will never be called to be on a case.....but just be available for God to use me in anyway He sees fit. Who knows, life just goes on and on.....then one day, Jesus will return. Absolutely and without question....He will come back. Maybe even while I am sitting in the Jefferson County Jury Pool Assembly Hall this week.



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