GMA Week in Nashville, Tennessee

We are closing out March Madness and moving into GMA week in Nashville, Tennessee. This morning I played the Kutless song "Strong Tower" during a worship set at my home church, Forest Park Community Church. What a great song! As I write this note, I am listening to WAY-FM streaming over the internet and 'Strong Tower' was just on the playlist. What a small world we live in...not too many years ago half of what consumes our day was not even a thought....the internet, blogging, websites, etc. 'I Can Only Imagine' by Mercy Me is playing now. In an instance, even in Malawi, Africa or Manado, Indonesia, you can stream your favorite radio station or watch your favorite sports team live at NCAA Sports. We got our microwave ovens, instant tea and fast food. We can talk to friends on the other side of the world and they sound like they are next door. Building 429's rendition of Tim Hughes' song 'Beautiful One' is on now. What a world. But only a glimpse of real life on the other side. We can not even imagine that place. We can close now with Third Day's 'Cry Out To Jesus'...and do if you haven't. Cry out to Him. You will find Him wherever you are.



song: Dance For You (Listen) (Purchase - $1.00)


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