Life's Too Short

Hey, is there anyone out there who took the US Citizen test? I'd like to know.

Life seems much too fast or maybe too short these days. What a day.....spent the entire day cleaning the house and then the yard. It has been raining like crazy up here and the grass is growing so fast. It's like I just cut it 'the other day!' man! With the new kid on the block and the old kid trying to grow up faster than I'd like for her to grow....life is just a little hectic.

Other than that, things are great. In a couple of days I head down to Atlanta to the Bat Cave Studios to finish up my vocals on the new coming CD. I have sort of been a little frustrated cause of all the set backs with the new kid, jury duty, and the ton of work it took for the Easter service at our church. We put up a big tent in the fron lawn and had an awesome celebration time. It was just a ton of work to make it happen. Anyway, it will be great to get to Georgia, again! Woo-hoo! So, anyway.....I head to Atlanta about 4am on Wednsday morning. Hopefully, we will come out of there with some sweet sounds.

I just laid my 20 month old down in her bed. It is an awesome thing to be a dad. I love to tuck her in bed, read to her, pray with her and send her off to dream land. I never could have imagined the joy that comes from just watching her play or sing her crazy songs or watching her fall asleep. Before you know it she will be grown up like that grass.....much too fast.



song: Life's Too Short (Listen) (Purchase - $1.00)



Chu said...

I got a 10/10 on the test myself, fellow compatriot.

Chris said...

That is waht I call a real American! You da man, Chu. God bless you bor.